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In the north of Russia, join our base in Kalyazin for your boat holidays on the mythical river: The Volga. Like the many artists who have found overwhelming inspiration there, you will be charmed by the magnificent landscapes for which Russia is renowned. Between nature and architecture, you will discover another facet of Russia, far from the splendour of its colourful past.

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Kalyazin is a town of about 15,000 inhab­i­tants locat­ed in Tver Oblast in Rus­sia. This city was made atyp­i­cal with the cre­ation of the dam of Uglich, a large part of the inhab­it­ed cen­ter of the city was put under water. The icon­ic bel­fry that was left stand­ing on what is now an island in the Vol­ga, is now the main rea­son for the tourist suc­cess that meets the city of Kalyazin. Many roads are still unpaved, which adds to the feel­ing of aut­en­tic­i­ty nev­er recov­ered from the Sovi­et mod­ern­iza­tion, as if time had stopped …

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A cruise on La Vol­ga in north­ern Rus­sia is ide­al for lovers of nature, his­to­ry and authen­tic­i­ty. Ide­al to dis­cov­er Rus­sia, its inhab­i­tants and their lifestyles in com­plete dis­cre­tion away from over­crowd­ed tourist places. A hol­i­day for all audi­ences from the small­est to the largest.

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One Week
Aller-retour 203km - 2 locks 20h Kalyazin > Koprino > Kalyazin
Aller-retour 400km - 2 locks 40h Kalyazin - Tver - Kalyazin