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Waterway tourism in Picardy

From Long

We’ll take care of all the formalities, as well as train you in how to manoeuvre your houseboat. All that’ll remain is for you to follow your desires and ensure you enjoy every minute of your waterway cruise.

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Treat yourself to an immersion in a landscape of marshes and ponds as you set off from Long

The town of Long makes a great hol­i­day des­ti­na­tion for a real change of scenery even before book­ing your licence-free rental boat. Take the time to vis­it this tra­di­tion­al town in the Somme val­ley, home to a château that’s emblem­at­ic of the region. Won­der at the hydro­elec­tric pow­er sta­tion, a work of human genius. You’ll then be able to embark on your house­boat, tak­ing to the Somme as you begin your riv­er cruise. What­ev­er route you take, and regard­less of the dura­tion of your cruise, you’ll nav­i­gate between a suc­ces­sion of ponds and marsh­es. This is a par­adise for fish­ing enthu­si­asts – you’ll be able to moor wher­ev­er you want to indulge your pas­sion. More adven­tur­ous mem­bers of your crew seek­ing activ­i­ties of a greater inten­si­ty might like to head for one of the nau­ti­cal bases to take a swim, as well as being able to ride their ATB bikes along the tow­paths, fol­low­ing your boat. Off-road cycling is one of the most pop­u­lar activ­i­ties dur­ing each of our riv­er cruis­es.

A waterway cruise between Amiens and the Bay of Somme, departing from Long

Boaters on the Somme will quick­ly be able to reach the city of Angers. Stop off and dis­cov­er its many trea­sures, begin­ning with a jew­el of Goth­ic archi­tec­ture. Notre Dame Cathe­dral is list­ed as a UNESCO World Her­itage site and a must-see place to vis­it. You could also opt to head West towards anoth­er UNESCO World Her­itage site : the Bay of Somme. Embrace the sooth­ing rhythm of your licence-free boat as you head for one of the 3 ports in this unique bay : Saint Valery sur Somme. You’ll be able to enjoy one-of‑a kind land­scapes, as well as go and explore the region hop­ing to see seals, or sim­ply vis­it the fish­ing port of Saint Valery.

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Set off from Long and navigate as your desires see fit, or follow our itinerary ideas:

Aller-retour 61km - 6 locks 13h Long > Saint Valery sur Somme > Long
Aller-retour 66km - 10 locks 15h Long > Amiens > Long
Aller-retour 127km - 16 locks 30h Long > Saint Valery sur Somme > Amiens > Long
One week
Aller-retour 150km - 24 locks 42h Long > Amiens > Cappy > Long
Aller-retour 162km - 22 locks 41h Long > Saint Valery Sur Somme > Amiens > Corbie > Long
Two weeks
Aller-retour 182km - 36 locks 60h Long > Saint Valery Sur Somme > Amiens > Peronne > Long