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Waterway cruise in Franche Comté

From Montreux Château

In Montreux-Château, a historic town between Alsace and Franche Comté, we’ll teach you the rudiments and basics of navigation aboard your licence-free boat. Our easily accessible waterway tourism base is well located for our German and Swiss neighbours, and there’s a general consensus that waterway cruises in this region make for truly unforgettable experiences. Now it's your turn to enjoy these pleasures…

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Gourmet pleasures or waterway treasures : a whole palette of activities aboard your licence-free boat

Pre­pare to trav­el through a series of sump­tu­ous land­scapes in this bor­der area. Mar­vel at the lime­stone cliffs as you cruise along the waters of the Doubs or admire a series of forests and vast plains on the Rhone-Rhine Canal. Through­out your cruise, you’ll enjoy going through the locks, which often pro­vide an oppor­tu­ni­ty for excit­ing and emo­tive exchanges with the lock keep­ers. There’ll also be many gas­tro­nom­ic high­lights on your cruise from Mon­treux-Château, since every stop will allow you to take some of the numer­ous region­al spe­cial­ties back on board with you, unless you pre­fer to taste them in the host of restau­rants you’ll find along your route.

A cruise to respond to the preferences of every crew member

What with Franche-Comté sausages and cheese, as well as Alsa­t­ian spe­cial­ties, gas­tron­o­my will be a real fea­ture of your water­way cruise. Why not take the oppor­tu­ni­ty to enjoy it has­sle-free by dis­cov­er­ing Les Canalous’ new concierge ser­vice ? The more ath­let­ic among you will love the many bike paths acces­si­ble through­out your route, while those who love old build­ings will be able to stop off and mar­vel at Mont­béliard or Baume les Dames. Take advan­tage of good weath­er to enjoy spend­ing time on the deck of your licence-free boat and, in this area of ponds and marsh­es, the pos­si­bil­i­ty of indulging in anoth­er plea­sure : fishing.

suggested itineraries Tested and approved

Set off from Montreux-Château and navigate as your desires see fit, or follow our itinerary ideas:

Aller-retour 40km - 2 locks 10h Montreux Château > Montbéliard > Montreux Château
Aller-retour 75km - 40 locks 16h Montreux Château > Allenjoie > Colombier Châtelot > Montreux Château
Aller-retour 116km - 58 locks 21h Montreux Château > Montbéliard > L'Isle sur le Doubs > Clerval > Montreux Château
One week
Aller-retour 222km - 94 locks 39h Montreux Château > Montbéliard > L'Isle sur le Doubs > Baume les Dames > Deluz > Besançon > Montreux Château
Two weeks
Aller-retour 330km - 128 locks 61h Montreux Château > Montbéliard > L'Isle sur le Doubs > Baume les Dames > Deluz > Besançon > Thoraise > Dôle > Montreux Château