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Houseboats on the canals of Brittany

From Rohan

After training in how to handle your houseboat, you’ll be ready to embark on an unforgettable waterway cruise. Your opportunity to discover the secrets and mysteries of this legendary Brittany, not forgetting to take advantage of the natural riches and savour a host of Breton specialities.

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Embark on an original cruise from Rohan in Brittany

As well as being home to Les Canalous’ water­way base, the town of Rohan is also tes­ti­mo­ny to the impor­tance of the Rohan fam­i­ly in the region’s his­to­ry. Lose your­self in the streets of the town and dis­cov­er the cas­tle ruins before embark­ing on your licence-free rental boat. Take the time to stock up on sup­plies by vis­it­ing Rohan’s mar­ket, set up in the old grain hall. Whether you leave for the week­end or treat your­self to two weeks away, your cruise in Brit­tany will meet all your crew mem­bers’ expec­ta­tions. Sports enthu­si­asts will appre­ci­ate the numer­ous cycle paths for long ATB rides, as well as the tow­paths along the banks of the Brest-Nantes Canal or the riv­er Oust, allow­ing them to fol­low the sooth­ing rhythm of your houseboat.

Breton mysteries to explore and discover during your cruise

Every stop on your water­way cruise from Rohan will be an oppor­tu­ni­ty to lose your­self in the small streets of Brittany’s his­toric towns and vil­lages. Mar­vel at the region’s char­ac­ter­is­tic half-tim­bered hous­es and stroll among the stalls of the many tra­di­tion­al mar­kets. One of the attrac­tions of water­way tourism is the way you can take time to immerse your­self in the tra­di­tions of the regions you trav­el through. In Brit­tany, it will also give you the chance to pur­chase some tra­di­tion­al galettes and oth­er Bre­ton crêpes to enjoy local cui­sine aboard, or per­haps opt for the lob­ster and oth­er seafood for which the region is also famous. Don’t miss a trip to La Roche Bernard, one of Brittany’s most pic­turesque and emblem­at­ic set­tle­ments. The mari­na sit­u­at­ed at its heart means that you can leave your house­boat and get lost in the labyrinth of streets in this for­ti­fied city. You should also find the time to stroll down the Prom­e­nade du Ruicard, along­side the Old Quar­ter of La Roche Bernard.

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Set off from Rohan and navigate as your desires see fit, or follow our itinerary ideas:

Aller-retour 24km - 18 locks 9h Rohan > Cadoret > Rohan
Aller-retour 48km - 34 locks 20h Rohan > Josselin > Rohan
Aller-retour 36km - 24 locks 14h Rohan > Bocneuf > Rohan
One week
Aller-retour 100km - 54 locks 33h Rohan > Malestroit > Rohan
Aller-simple 24km - 56 locks 18h Rohan > Saint Nicolas des Eaux
Two weeks
Aller-retour 172km - 67 locks 46h Rohan > Glenac > La Gacilly > Rohan
Aller-retour 174km - 68 locks 46h Rohan > Redon > Rohan
Aller-retour 240km - 72 locks 62h Rohan > La Roche Bernard > Rohan