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Why not try a boating holiday this year

mettez un peu de fluvial dans vos vies en neutre

Why book your cruise now ?

More choice of boat, des­ti­na­tion and dates 🍀

The best price guar­an­teed by book­ing in advance 📅

This type of hol­i­day is 100% safe 🙏

Is this type of holiday suitable at the moment ?

Yes, with­out any prob­lem. A riv­er or canal cruise is the ide­al way to spend your hol­i­days in the cur­rent con­text : you will cruise in a small group far from the crowds and busy tourist areas, our boats are dis­in­fect­ed accord­ing to a strict pro­to­col between each set of clients

What happens if my cruise cannot take place because of Covid 19 ?

If your cruise has to be can­celled due to one of the cas­es of force majeure below, a refund or a post­pone­ment of your cruise to a lat­er date will be possible.

Gov­ern­ment mea­sures pre­vent you, a mem­ber of the con­tract­ed crew, from going to your base of depar­ture due to :

- a con­tain­ment mea­sure or a lim­it­ed move­ment zone

- If gov­ern­ment mea­sures pre­vent you, or a mem­ber of your crew men­tioned on the con­tract, from trav­el­ling to your depar­ture base due to a lock­down trav­el restric­tions, or if we are unable to pro­vide your depar­ture as a result of a gov­ern­ment deci­sion, you will have the option of a refund or resched­ul­ing your cruise.

Or if we are unable to assure your depar­ture as a result of a gov­ern­ment decision.

And if I am not concerned by one of the above reasons but still wish to cancel my cruise due to the current situation. What happens ?

If we are able to wel­come you on board our boats, the nav­i­ga­tion is open, and the can­cel­la­tion of your cruise does not con­cern one of the above rea­sons, then we will apply our gen­er­al rental conditions.

If I or someone in my crew falls ill with Covid, what happens ?

The can­cel­la­tion insur­ance offered by the Axa Cen­tre Flu­vial cov­ers you if you or a mem­ber of your crew is diag­nosed pos­i­tive with covid : please note that this is trig­gered if the ill­ness leads to com­pli­ca­tions and requires hospitalisation.


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