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Extras and services

12-volt con­vert­er rental
Reserve this 12-volt con­vert­er to ensure you can use all your devices. It con­nects to the cig­a­rette lighter, allow­ing you to use and charge your Smart­phone, cam­era and oth­er elec­tri­cal devices. (Max­i­mum Pow­er : 300 Watts)
Prices : €10

Bar­be­cue, plan­cha or plan­cha table rental
Pre­mi­um boat rental includes a plan­cha table. In all oth­er cas­es, you can book one to enjoy
 shar­ing meals with your fam­i­ly and friends dur­ing your water­way cruise.
Prices :

  • Week­end /​Mini week : from €10 to €20
  • Week : from €10 to €35

Adults’ bike rental
Con­sid­er rent­ing a bike to give you extra free­dom to go out for rides dur­ing your water­way cruise, fol­low­ing the tow­paths or explor­ing the areas you’re trav­el­ling through. One adults’ bike is already includ­ed in the Free­dom Pack.
Prices : €6 per day

Children’s bike rental
Make sure your lit­tle boaters can join you on out­ings by bike. Please include details of your child(ren)’s size and weight when book­ing to ensure you rent the most suit­able bike.
Prices : €6 per day

Fish­ing rod rental
Make the most of your water­way cruise to indulge in oth­er pas­sions. Rent this fish­ing rod, deliv­ered with a new leader, and all you’ll need to sort out is your fish­ing per­mit — ask for infor­ma­tion from your water­way base or con­tact us !
Prices : €10

Vehi­cle relo­ca­tion
If you opt for a one-way cruise, we can take your car to your des­ti­na­tion so it’s there for you upon arrival. Ask for infor­ma­tion from your base (or by con­tact­ing us) to find out the con­di­tions and price of this ser­vice, as well as the oth­er solu­tions we can pro­pose (coach, bus, train, etc.).
Prices : From €70 to €195 depend­ing on your itin­er­ary

Locked, uncov­ered car park
Most of our bases offer free car park­ing in a locked car park, for a has­sle-free start to your cruise.
Prices : From €21 to €70 per week

You can opt to park your car in a garage, leav­ing you free to enjoy your water­way cruise with total peace of mind.
Prices : From €42 to €80 per week

We wel­come pets on board our house­boats. Con­tact our sales and mar­ket­ing depart­ment to ask about prices for this option.
Prices : €15 to €100 (no addi­tion­al charge at some bases)

Water­way map
A water­way guide is always avail­able on board your house­boat. You can also order a water­way map to bet­ter pre­pare your cruis­ing itin­er­ary.
Prices : €22

Fish­ing per­mit Some bases can pro­vide you with a fish­ing per­mit or direct you to the appro­pri­ate organ­i­sa­tion to con­tact. You can also go to www​.cart​ede​peche​.fr. Prices : From €32 to €50 (avail­able at cer­tain bases)

Eco-clean­ing kit
Ask for your eco-clean­ing kit before you board your house­boat. This eco-friend­ly kit com­pris­es wash­ing-up liq­uid, toi­let paper, 3 rub­bish bags, 2 sponges, 2 mini soaps and 1 box of match­es. It’s includ­ed with PREMIUM boat rental.
Prices : €8.90 per kit. Includ­ed in the Pre­mi­um fleet

Kitchen linen rental
This kitchen linen kit, com­pris­ing 3 tea tow­els, allows you to trav­el lighter — reserve yours with­out delay ! It’s already includ­ed when you rent a boat from the Pre­mi­um range.
Prices : €2 per kit. Includ­ed in the Pre­mi­um fleet

Tow­el rental
This kit, com­pris­ing 2 hand tow­els and one bath tow­el per per­son, will leave you more space when pack­ing.
Prices : €6 per per­son. Includ­ed in the Pre­mi­um fleet

Sleep­ing kit rental We offer a com­plete sleep­ing kit, includ­ing 2 sheets and two pil­low­cas­es, so you don’t have to wor­ry about pack­ing all this when prepar­ing your bags. Prices : €7 per per­son. Includ­ed in the Pre­mi­um and Clas­sic fleet
Bed made upon arrival Waste no time in enjoy­ing your house­boat as soon as you embark — opt to have your bed made before your arrival ! Prices : €7 per bed. Includ­ed in the Pre­mi­um fleet

Concierge ser­vice
Les Canalous’ concierge ser­vice means you don’t have to wor­ry about tak­ing care of any­thing. You’ll have a des­ig­nat­ed trilin­gual con­tact per­son to deal with every­thing, remain­ing at your dis­pos­al from Mon­day to Sat­ur­day. Ide­al for air­port trans­fers or to book restau­rants dur­ing your water­way cruise. This concierge ser­vice is includ­ed with PREMIUM boat rental.
Prices : quote pro­vid­ed for spe­cif­ic requests. Includ­ed in the Pre­mi­um fleet.

Deckchair rental
A water­way cruise is designed to be relax­ing and sooth­ing, so what bet­ter than a deckchair to set up on the deck of your boat ? Rest assured, PREMIUM range rental boats will already have their deckchairs ready to use.
Prices : €10. Includ­ed in the Pre­mi­um fleet

3G key rental Stay con­nect­ed even while nav­i­gat­ing the rivers and canals of France. Rent a 3G key for dig­i­tal ser­vices on board, mak­ing this a water­way cruise 2.0. Prices : €5 + top-up price depend­ing on the num­ber of hours you require

Crew uni­form : Embroi­dered polo shirt, cap
A fun touch for an even more per­son­alised water­way cruise : arrange a per­son­alised out­fit for each mem­ber of your crew. Polo shirts embroi­dered with your name deliv­ered direct­ly to your boat — a ser­vice that will leave you with last­ing mem­o­ries.
€16 per Polo shirt — €5 for the embroi­dery
€6.90 per cap

Final cleaning*

This ser­vice allows you to get away from the clean­ing of the inside and the out­side of the boat when you return from your cruise (Includ­ed in the lib­er­ty pack).
Boat cat­e­go­ry Deposit for the clean­ing, in and out­side Deposit for the clean­ing of the inside Deposit for the clean­ing of the out­side Final inte­ri­or and exte­ri­or clean­ing
1 70 € 40 € 30 € 60 €
2 90 € 50 € 40 € 77 €
3 125 € 80 € 45 € 108 €
4 150 € 95 € 55 € 128 €
5 175 € 110 € 65 € 149 €
6 215 € 140 € 75 € 183 €
*these rates may vary accord­ing to the depar­ture base

Liberty Cruise Pack**

This pack includes the rental of 1 basic bicy­cle, the final clean­ing ser­vice, the cruise plus insur­ance and the hourly nav­i­ga­tion rate. This allows you to set­tle every­thing before depar­ture.
Boat cat­e­go­ry 1 2 3 4 5 6
Week-end 178 € 212 € 254 € 290 € 325 € 395 €
Mini week 222 € 264 € 314 € 359 € 401 € 486 €
Week 309 € 365 € 428 € 489 € 541 € 652 €
Addi­tion­al day 34 € 40 € 45 € 50 € 55 € 65 €

The price includes one bike of the basic range, the hourly nav­i­ga­tion rate, the final clean­ing of the boat at the end of the cruise (inside and out­side) and the cruise plus insur­ance (dam­age waiv­er).
The price does not include the hire of the boat, the water­way map of the region and the can­cel­la­tion insur­ance.

** except Pont à Bar, Woubrugge, Ger­many, Great Britain, Ire­land, Poland. Italy : spe­cif­ic rates, con­tact your trav­el agency


(Extra charge to leave the boat at anoth­er base)
Extra charge to leave the boat at anoth­er base 130€
*** See gen­er­al con­di­tions