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Canalous customer reviewsYour feedback counts, we pay attention to it!

Ms Sylvie B, cruise from Digoin
Review posted on the : 25/05/23
Mini cruise very enjoyable to repeat!
Mr Jacky S, cruise from Carcassonne - Carcassonne
Review posted on the : 08/04/2023
Very professional team
Mr Serge B, cruise from Cognac
Review posted on the : 13/05/2023
Nice physical cruise on the Charente Well maintained boat and mechanical and comfort equipment in good condition For this third year in May on the Charente there was water and we were able to go as far as Angoulême but the wind was cold and unpleasant, you can't have everything?
Ms Yvette P, cruise from Digoin - Digoin
Review posted on the : 29/04/2023
The whole PARENT family was delighted with this experience, and sailing on the canals was a great first which delighted young and old alike. The region is magnificent, the people are generally very kind and all the Canalous staff are SUPER, attentive and very caring. Many thanks to the whole team
Mr Jean-Michel V, cruise from Pontailler-sur-Saône - Pontailler-sur-Saône
Review posted on the : 24/03/2023
I really appreciated the kindness, the professionalism and the human side of the person in charge of the Pontailler base. I have been using the canalous for several times for barge trips and I am fully satisfied and ready to go back and advertise with you.
Mr. Wolfgang J, cruise from Languimberg - Alsace
Review posted on the : 12/09/22
We were able to spend a wonderful mini-week in Alsace on "our" Marion. A special part of this was the sympathetic and professional-competent care by the team of Les Canalous. Certainly, the Marion is a boat that has already a lot on the hump, but for our demands on a sea voyage completely sufficient. Many thanks and greetings to the team of Les Canalous in the base Port du Houillon.
Mr Yves F, cruise from Carcassonne - Canal du Midi
Review posted on the : 21/07/22
I really enjoyed the week's stay, but the training time on the handling of the barge seems fair. This one was very comfortable, something to improve: The maintenance of the bikes. But it is in progress. I also need telescopic handles for the moorings. Otherwise, whether at the commercial headquarters or the team at the base in Carcassonne, employees at the top THANKS to you do not change anything !
Mr Philippe DN, cruise from Carnon - Canal du Midi
Review posted on the : 20/07/22
You are at the BEST the CANALOUS TEAM !!! We spent a very pleasant week, we will recommend you without problem, see you soon
Ms Karen R, cruise from Digoin – Bourgogne
Review posted on the : 18/07/22
We had a great stay and a change of scenery, we had an excellent trip! And we will recommend you with great pleasure!
Ms Corinne C, cruise from Pontailler-sur-Saône - Bourgogne
Review posted on the : 18/07/22
Better experience at the departure of Pontailler sur Saône this year, compared to last year, from Colombiers. You have reconciled us with Les Canalous ! Very good stay with friends !
Ms Marie-Christine C, cruise from Digoin - Bourgogne
Review posted on the : 23/04/22
The service is very good and I am very pleased with the quality of the product. Thank you !
Mr Régis C, cruise from Pontailler-sur-Saône - Bourgogne
Review posted on the : 20/04/22
Incredible change of scenery! It is really the best way to recharge your batteries. A very nice welcome from the Canalous de Pontailler sur Saône team. I recommend you
Mr Laurent G, cruise from Cognac – Charente
Review posted on the : 16/04/22
Great welcome !
Mr Dominique A, cruise from Agde – Canal du Midi
Review posted on the : 10/04/22
we had a great cruise, very good welcome, clean and comfortable boat. one small downside, the missing mileage signs on the shoreline?
Mr Bruno V, cruise from Cognac - Charente
Review posted on the : 27/06/22
Do it again!
Mr Max G, cruise from Digoin – Bourgogne
Review posted on the : 17/06/22
Very good level of service. Service provider to be recommended.
Ms Martine L, cruise from Languimberg – Alsace
Review posted on the : 22/06/22
Very good stay, pleasant, magnificent course, for a first time I do not regret and recommend this adventure to people who seek peace and quiet, the beauty of the landscape and silence.
Mr Heiko T, cruise from Pont à Bar
Review posted on the : 25/04/22
The ship could have been a little cleaner inside, but otherwise everything was wonderful. Benedicte from the departure base is a soul of a person - she is sooo great! Very high praise!
Mr Heiko S., cruise from Pontailler-sur-Saône - Bourgogne
Review posted on the : 20/06/22
We will recommend you to others! :)
Mr Grzegorz S, cruise from Colombiers – Canal du Midi
Review posted on the : 04/04/22
Very good reception and care of the Colombiers base crew. Quick reaction to embarging technical problems. Special thanks to Enzo!
Mr Richard B, cruise from Briare – Bourgogne
Review posted on the : 29/06/22
[…] We loved Paquerette, in spite of her poor old engine, she was a great home for our holiday! Our choice in coming on holiday with Les Canalous for around the 5th time was absolutely the right one!!

Selection of a few of our clients’ comments in 2017 :

Jean-François H., Croisière flu­viale sur la Mayenne (Che­nil­lé-Changé ), Juin 2017

Boat : Penichette 935W
Com­ment : Voilà plusieurs jours que je voulais écrire et vous faire part de notre extrême sat­is­fac­tion, sur l’expérience que nous avons faite en louant cette pénichette, au départ de changé-che­nil­lé.
Nous avons été pro­pre­ment embal­lés, et soyez cer­tain que la 1e occa­sion qui se présen­tera nous ver­ra renou­vel­er l’expérience, aus­si bien nous que nos amis avec lesquels nous avons navigué.

Le bateau était très bien, l’accueil du jeune homme, par­fait, les expli­ca­tions impec­ca­bles. Vrai­ment rien à redire, et croyez bien que nous allons en faire la pub.

Le seul reproche que nous feri­ons , mais vous n’en n’êtes pas la cause. Il n’y a pas assez de points de restau­ra­tion, et quand il y en a, ils sont soient fer­més . nous pen­sons à un des restau de che­nil­lé, et de la guinguette du bac, qui fait une pub dans vos prospec­tus, où on nous a répon­du à 19h « ah non on ferme, on devait déjà fer­mer à 18h. absol­u­ment anti com­mer­cial, et pas génial pour le tourisme, surtout lors d’un long we.

Par con­tre un grand bra­vo aux éclusiers, éclusières, extrême­ment disponibles, souri­ants, aimables, disponibles. Il faut impéra­tive­ment les con­serv­er, cela con­tribue au charme , et à l’attrait de votre région, dans laque­lle nous revien­drons , sans doute l’an prochain, et à plusieurs.

Félic­i­ta­tions à tous.

San­drine C., Croisière flu­viale sur le canal du midi (Carnon), Avril 2017

Boat : Eau Claire 930 Fly
Com­ment : Bon accueil, bon rap­port com­mer­cial, bons ser­vices, je recommande.

Michel A., Loca­tion de bateau sans per­mis en Char­ente (Cognac), Avril 2017

Boat : Tar­pon 37
Com­ment : Le respon­s­able de la base de Cognac très pro­fes­sion­nelle. Le bateaux très propre,mais de mod­èle pas récent .

Michel F., Vacances flu­viales sur le Canal du Midi (Colom­biers), Avril 2017

Boat : Tar­pon 37
Com­ment : Nous avons appré­cié notre croisière et le temps était idylique.

Per­rot­tet P., Croisière en Bour­gogne (Pon­tailler sur Saône), Avril 2017

Boat : Linssen Vlet 1030
Com­ment : Très sat­is­fait de notre croisière, le per­son­nel est très aimable. Les instruc­tions à l’embarquement sont bonnes et complètes.

Remy L., Bateau sans per­mis en Aquitaine (Fourques-Sur-Garonne), Avril 2017

Boat : Espade 930
Com­ment : Une équipe de réser­va­tion a l’é­coute disponible et patient depuis plusieurs années ne rien chang­er. Très sat­is­fait de notre croisière.

Susan S., Croisière sur le canal du midi (Car­cas­sonne), Avril 2017

Boat : Tar­pon 49 QP
Com­ment : Flex­i­ble, excel­lent ser­vice, staff went 100% all the way to mak­ing sure our require­ments were met. Excel­lent hol­i­day experience