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Canalous customer reviews Your feedback counts, we pay attention to it!

Ms Diane B, cruise from Bourgogne

Our stay on the barge was brightened up by daily visits from swans that we'd...

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Ms Valerie L, cruise from Digoin - Bourgogne

Thanks again for this stay, we'll be back.

Mr Lejuif C, cruise from Briare - Bourgogne

A stay full of calm and discovery, our first experience, a real delight. An experience to...

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Mr Jean-Jacques T, cruise from Mayenne

Wonderful stay in Mayenne.

Mr Augustin K, cruise from Cognac - Charente

We've just finished our week-long cruise from Cognac to Angoulême, during which we had a...

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Ms Colette I, cruise from Digoin - Bourgogne

Stay on the Martin Pécheur Triton 860 fly departing from Digoin and returning to Nevers...

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Mr Edgar G, cruise from Pontailler-sur-Saône - Bourgogne

Once again, it was a successful holiday with a very good boat. Thank you very much!...

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Ms Marta E, cruise from Alsace

We treated ourselves to this boat trip for our girls' 10th birthday weekend. We were...

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Ms Monique T, cruise from Bretagne

A great week with the canalous

Mr Steffen W, cruise from Pontailler-sur-Soâne - Bourgogne

We went to Burgundy from Pontalier-sur-saone to Louhans. It was a great 10 days. The weather was...

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Ms Véronique M, cruise from Canal du midi

A relaxing 5-day break on the Canal du Midi from Homps to Colombiers and back...

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Ms Rachel B, cruise from Digoin - Bourgogne

We had a wonderful stay on the Caligula boat (very comfortable!) from Digoin. Sailing all...

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Mr Florent A., cruise from Canal du midi

Magnificent cruise, magical moments!

Ms Sylvie B, cruise from Digoin

Mini cruise very enjoyable to repeat!

Mr Serge B, cruise from Cognac

Nice physical cruise on the Charente Well maintained boat and mechanical and comfort equipment in...

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Ms Yvette P, cruise from Digoin - Digoin

The whole PARENT family was delighted with this experience, and sailing on the canals was...

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Mr Jacky S, cruise from Carcassonne - Carcassonne

Very professional team

Mr Jean-Michel V, cruise from Pontailler-sur-Saône - Pontailler-sur-Saône

I really appreciated the kindness, the professionalism and the human side of the person in...

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Mr. Wolfgang J, cruise from Languimberg - Alsace

We were able to spend a wonderful mini-week in Alsace on "our" Marion. A special...

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Mr Yves F, cruise from Carcassonne - Canal du Midi

I really enjoyed the week's stay, but the training time on the handling of the...

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Mr Philippe DN, cruise from Carnon - Canal du Midi

You are at the BEST the CANALOUS TEAM !!! We spent a very pleasant week,...

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Ms Corinne C, cruise from Pontailler-sur-Saône - Bourgogne

Better experience at the departure of Pontailler sur Saône this year, compared to last year,...

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Ms Karen R, cruise from Digoin – Bourgogne

We had a great stay and a change of scenery, we had an excellent trip!...

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Mr Richard B, cruise from Briare – Bourgogne

[…] We loved Paquerette, in spite of her poor old engine, she was a great...

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Mr Bruno V, cruise from Cognac - Charente

Do it again!

Ms Martine L, cruise from Languimberg – Alsace

Very good stay, pleasant, magnificent course, for a first time I do not regret and...

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Mr Heiko S., cruise from Pontailler-sur-Saône - Bourgogne

We will recommend you to others! :)

Mr Max G, cruise from Digoin – Bourgogne

Very good level of service. Service provider to be recommended.

Mr Heiko T, cruise from Pont à Bar

The ship could have been a little cleaner inside, but otherwise everything was wonderful. Benedicte...

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Ms Marie-Christine C, cruise from Digoin - Bourgogne

The service is very good and I am very pleased with the quality of the...

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Mr Régis C, cruise from Pontailler-sur-Saône - Bourgogne

Incredible change of scenery! It is really the best way to recharge your batteries. A...

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Mr Laurent G, cruise from Cognac – Charente

Great welcome !

Mr Dominique A, cruise from Agde – Canal du Midi

we had a great cruise, very good welcome, clean and comfortable boat. one small downside,...

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Mr Grzegorz S, cruise from Colombiers – Canal du Midi

Very good reception and care of the Colombiers base crew. Quick reaction to embarging technical...

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Mr Philippe B, cruise from Charente - Cognac

Superb experience I will be able to recommend to friends and family it was TOP

Mr Teddy L, cruise from Bourgogne - Pontailler-sur-Saône

We left 2 years ago with the canalous and recommended to friends currently on the...

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Mr José D, cruise from Alsace - Languimberg

We opted for a simply boat for a first experience for two, and it was...

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Mr Guillaume A, cruise from Bretagne - Redon

Pleasant, competent and available staff. Nice cruise, we recommend the canalous

Ms Isabelle A, cruise from Pays de la Loire - Chenillé-Changé

Great experience. We'll be going back to Alsace next year. Thanks to all the staff.

Ms Laurène D, cruise from Bourgogne - Châtillon-en-Bazois

We had an unforgettable cruise in the Chablis, the teams are top notch, the lock...

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Mr Richard L, cruise from Canal du Midi - Homps

Hello, I'll be cruising with CANALOUS again. Sincerely

Mr Dominique B, cruise from Bourgogne - Pontailler-sur-Saône

Good welcome, friendly and attentive staff, we'll be back in September. Thank you for everything

Mr Jean-Marc V, cruise from Charente - Cognac

Perfect as usual. Long live the Canalous.

Ms Frédérique L, cruise from Bourgogne - Pontailler-sur-Saône

Thank you to the "Les Canalous" team, we had a lovely family holiday aboard one...

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