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our waterway cruises Poland

An immersion in Poland’s traditions aboard your houseboat

Although your Pol­ish water­way cruise will take you away from the mass tourist trail, it will guar­an­tee you the chance to immerse your­self in the folk­lore and tra­di­tions of this Slav­ic coun­try. Dur­ing your water­way cruise, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the many restau­rants on your route, as well as embrac­ing the charm of kar­cz­mas, tra­di­tion­al inns where you can dis­cov­er Pol­ish music. You’re about to expe­ri­ence a jour­ney into the heart of this folk­lore on your Pol­ish water­way cruise. If the weath­er per­mits, you could decide to take this immer­sion even fur­ther by sam­pling the joys of cycling dur­ing your water­way cruise.

You’ll also take plea­sure in bring­ing some of the country’s gas­tro­nom­ic spe­cial­ties back from your vis­its to the stalls of its tra­di­tion­al mar­kets. You’ll thus be able to sam­ple Barszcz, zurek and oth­er kluskis aboard your house­boat, all washed down (in mod­er­a­tion) with one of the local beers or the nation­al drink : vod­ka.

From Polish culture to the country’s wealth of sites : the promises of an unforgettable waterway cruise

From our Slesin base in the cen­tre of the coun­try to Rybi­na on the Baltic coast, we’ll intro­duce you to steer­ing your house­boat. You’ll then be able to set off in the direc­tion of your choice, for exam­ple head­ing towards the impos­ing his­toric city of Gdan­sk. Poland has a wealth of his­tor­i­cal sites that are well worth mak­ing a detour to vis­it. You might, of course, pre­fer a more peace­ful, refresh­ing itin­er­ary, opt­ing to nav­i­gate to the lakes of Ilawa or Gop­lo. Var­i­ous nau­ti­cal bases have been set up, guar­an­tee­ing you the chance to enjoy swim­ming and oth­er water activ­i­ties. Be amazed by the impos­ing Teu­ton­ic fortress of Mal­bork that, to this day, remains one of the largest brick cas­tles in Europe, or suc­cumb to the charm of the arcades in the pic­turesque town of Drewni­ca.

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