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Waterway boat rentals in Poland

From Ślesin

Poland is an endearing destination for the countless tourists who visit the country every year. For even greater authenticity and pleasure, you can opt for an immersion in the heart of its traditions and folklore, discovering the attractions of waterway cruising by heading straight to our Slesin waterway base.

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Set off from Slesin to discover authentic Poland

To ensure you make the most of your water­way cruise in Poland, start by care­ful­ly choos­ing the house­boat on which you’ll explore the country’s secrets and trea­sures. We’ll then train you to cap­tain it and you’ll be able to sam­ple the joys of water­way tourism. Dur­ing your cruise, you’ll enjoy tak­ing in the locks, canals, bridges and oth­er water­way her­itage trea­sures, as well as find­ing the time to moor up close to the vil­lages you trav­el through. Dis­cov­er local arti­sans, farm­ers and mar­kets. Your house­boat also has the poten­tial to become a ver­i­ta­ble place of ini­ti­a­tion into Pol­ish gas­tron­o­my. Alter­na­tive­ly, you might pre­fer to sam­ple the tra­di­tion­al Barszcz or ubiq­ui­tous flour soup, Zurek, in one of the many restau­rants along your route.

From one discovery to another : all the magic of waterway tourism

Allow your youngest or most intre­pid crew mem­bers to fol­low your rental boat by cycling along the tow­paths. You’ll all love this immer­sion into the Pol­ish coun­try­side, as well as the oppor­tu­ni­ty, depend­ing on the sea­son, to gath­er with your fam­i­ly or friends on the beach­es devel­oped around Lake Gop­lo. Your water­way cruise will take on a real­ly sum­mery feel. Don’t miss a stroll in the his­toric town of Kruszwica, built near­ly 3,000 years ago around this lake. Enjoy the shops and sooth­ing atmos­phere of its his­toric heart, but don’t for­get to head off to dis­cov­er the region’s Roman mile­stones. You are, indeed, at the heart of what was one of the most remote cities of the Roman Empire.

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Set off from Ślesin and navigate as your desires see fit, or follow our itinerary ideas:

One week
Aller-retour 200km - 10 locks 25h Ślesin > Konin > Barcin > Ślesin
Aller-retour 270km - 30 locks 35h Ślesin > Bydgoszcz > Ślesin
Aller-retour 310km - 34 locks 40h Ślesin > Konin > Bydgoszcz > Ślesin
Two weeks (only possible under good water conditions)
Aller-retour 700km - 36 locks 110h The great Poland ring : Ślesin > Konin > Poznan > Gorzow > Wielkopolski > Bydgoszcz > Ślesin