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Cruise on the Venice Lagoon

From Marano

Marano Lagoon is situated a little way away from the famous lagoon of Venice. Les Canalous have established their waterway base in this picturesque Italian town, so choose your houseboat and follow our advice to ensure you take in all the riches of this region in the North of the Italian peninsula.

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La Dolce Vita on the deck of your houseboat in Marano

The town of Mara­no is sit­u­at­ed at the cen­tre of the Gra­do and Mara­no lagoon. There are only two bridges con­nect­ing it with the con­ti­nent, giv­ing you a real chance to get away from it all. This port is famous for Ital­ian water­way cruis­es. After being trained and giv­en advice on how to han­dle your licence-free rental boat, you’ll be able to set off on one of the many canals towards sites such as the impos­ing Po Val­ley. Before sam­pling the joys of water­way cruis­ing, you can take advan­tage of the many bathing resorts on the lagoon, relax­ing and enjoy­ing a swim or one of the many water activ­i­ties on offer.

A cruise to satisfy the desires of your whole crew

The region’s warm, sooth­ing cli­mate will make your cruise even more enjoy­able, and the deck of you licence-free boat will be a dream set­ting to embrace La Dolce Vita. Going through the region’s many locks and move­able bridges will liv­en up your day-to-day life on board – don’t miss the chance to enjoy a spot of fish­ing or the promise of dis­cov­er­ing some authen­tic delights on a walk or off-road cycle ride. Nav­i­gate the var­i­ous branch­es of the Po towards cities like Fer­rara, the his­toric heart of which is on the UNESCO World Her­itage list. San Gior­gio Cathe­dral is a must-see attrac­tion. Oppo­site this impos­ing build­ing is anoth­er key site : Palaz­zo del­la Ragione, a goth­ic edi­fice that’s the only one of its kind in the region.

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suggested itineraries Tested and approved

Set off from Marano and navigate as your desires see fit, or follow our itinerary ideas:

One week
Aller-simple 170km - 5 locks 22h Marano > Bibione > Caorle > Cortellazzo > Musile > Caposile > Portegrandi > Venice (the lagoon and the islands)
Aller-retour 160km - 5 locks 21h Marano > Aquileia > Grado > Bibione > Caorle > Precenicco > Marano