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Waterway cruise in Ireland

From Carrick on Shannon

With folk traditions and the local gastronomy, Ireland has no shortage of attractions to delight and enchant the countless tourists who visit the country. And if you're looking for a more original way to unlock the secrets of this scenic country, then head to Carrick on Shannon, where Les Canalous await you for an unforgettable waterway cruise.

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Set off from Carrick On Shannon aboard the licence-free boat of your dreams

Les Canalous will advise you on organ­is­ing an unfor­get­table water­way cruise in Ire­land. When you arrive in Car­rick On Shan­non, a town that devel­oped over the cen­turies on the banks of the epony­mous riv­er, you’ll be able to take time for a stroll before pick­ing up your house­boat. The cas­tle ruins will attract your atten­tion, along with the ele­gance of the many Eliz­a­bethan man­sions. It’ll then be time for us to train you to han­dle your licence-free boat with ease. From the Riv­er Shan­non to the region’s numer­ous canals, you’ll have a wide choice of options for a water­way cruise to delight your whole crew. Enjoy going through the locks, some of which are now ful­ly auto­mat­ic, trig­gered by a sim­ple mag­net­ic card. You’ll also enjoy nav­i­gat­ing the man­u­al locks along your route, where fas­ci­nat­ing con­ver­sa­tions await with the lock keep­ers and oth­er boaters.

From rivers to canals, day-to-day nautical activities at the heart of your waterway cruise

There’s no short­age of major his­tor­i­cal sites in this Irish province, for exam­ple the monas­tic site of Devenish Island. Or you may pre­fer to opt for sport­ing activ­i­ties, cross­ing Ire­land by Bike, with many cycle paths to enjoy. Above all, your water­way cruise from Car­rick On Shan­non will be an oppor­tu­ni­ty to take advan­tage of the region’s lakes and ponds. There are over 40 fish-bear­ing lakes, where fish­ing enthu­si­asts will be able to moor up and embrace their pas­sion. The more adven­tur­ous can also indulge in swim­ming and oth­er water activ­i­ties, offered at the many nau­ti­cal bases built around cer­tain lakes. Through count­less activ­i­ties, and with water in all its forms, your water­way cruise in Ire­land will open the door to a fun and enchant­i­ng holiday.

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Set off from Carrick-on-Shannon and navigate as your desires see fit, or follow our itinerary ideas:

Aller-retour km - 4 locks 15h Carrick on Shannon > Boyle > Carrick on Shannon > Rooskey > Carrick on Shannon
One week
Aller-retour km - 6 locks 23h Carrick on Shannon > Rooskey > Lanesborough > Athlone > Carrick on Shannon
Aller-simple km - 5 locks 16h Carrick on Shannon > Banagher