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A River Cruise on the Meuse

Departure from Dinant

On the banks of the Meuse, built at the foot of the cliffs, discover the town of Dinant, ranked among the most beautiful towns in Belgium, in the Walloon region. With its lively quayside, magnificent natural landscapes and captivating history, your river cruise in Wallonia will be an enchantment of every moment.

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River cruise on the Meuse to discover Belgium

It’s time to cast off and set off on an adven­ture to dis­cov­er the mag­nif­i­cent Wal­loon region of Namur thanks to a licence free house boat rental from our base in Dinant. You will dis­cov­er the live­ly riv­er La Meuse, with its inhab­it­ed banks, and of course the won­der­ful land­scapes of Wal­lo­nia, between cliffs, hills and sump­tu­ous gar­dens. “Le plat pays” as Brel sang is cer­tain­ly not the right descrip­tion for this cor­ner of south­ern Belgium.

Whether it’s for a week­end, a fam­i­ly hol­i­day or with friends, there is no short­age of activ­i­ties and ideas for vis­its. In one week­end you can trav­el by house boat to the city of Namur for a city break in the cap­i­tal of Wal­lo­nia. Sail­ing the Meuse with a licence free house boat is par­tic­u­lar­ly pop­u­lar with fam­i­lies with chil­dren, who can spend qual­i­ty time togeth­er and enjoy the many out­door sports
activ­i­ties along the way.

Discover the Ardennes with a licence free house boat

After the wide, inhab­it­ed Meuse around the town of Dinant, head south and you will find a nar­row­er, wilder riv­er at the French bor­der, locat­ed in the heart of the Ardennes Region­al Nature Park. After only a short day’s cruis­ing, you will cross the French-Bel­gian bor­der and dis­cov­er a land­scape that is just as breath­tak­ing. You will pass through the small towns of Givet, Ham-sur- Meuse (with its dis­creet canal tun­nel), Revin and the town of Mon­ther­mé. The real stars of this week­end or week-long riv­er cruise are the cliffs and nat­ur­al land­scapes of the Ardennes. Here you will feel com­plete­ly free to enjoy your hol­i­day on a licence free house boat.
A total escape for lovers, fam­i­lies or friends from our Wal­loon house­boat rental base in Dinant, Belgium.

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suggested itineraries Tested and approved

Aller-retour 23km - 8 locks 8h Dinant - Waulsort - Givet - Dinant
Aller-retour 27km - 12 locks 10h Dinant - Yvoir - Namur - Amée - Dinant
Aller-retour 44km - 18 locks 15h Dinant - Givet - Haybes - Fumey - Vireux Wallerand - Waulsort - Dinant
Aller-retour 77km - 34 locks 25h Dinant - Waulsort - Vireux Wallerand - Revin - Monthermé - Haybes - Givet - Dinant
2 weeks
Aller-retour 168km - 66 locks 50h Dinant - Waulsort - Vireux - Revin - Monthermé - Charleville-Mézières - Sedan - Stenay - Mouzon - Pont-à-Bar - Joigny-sur-Meuse - Laifour - Fumay - Givet - Dinant