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From the Seille to the Burgundy Canal, and the Saône to the Rhone-Rhine Canal

From Louhans

Bresse is a region well known for its culinary and gastronomic specialties, beginning with the famous poultry that bears its name. It’s also a destination that really lends itself to waterway cruises. Discover all this in Louhans, where you can pick up your licence-free rental boat.

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Set off for your waterway cruise from Louhans and really get away from it all

Before you pick up your licence-free rental boat, you real­ly should treat your­self to a tour of a town very char­ac­ter­is­tic of the Bres­sane tra­di­tion. Stroll the streets of the old medieval vil­lage and mar­vel at the half-tim­bered hous­es and Bres­sane farms. You’ll be able to admire many of these dur­ing your next water­way cruise, so famil­iarise your­self with this pic­turesque archi­tec­ture. The arcades along Grande Rue will nev­er­the­less be the high­light of your vis­it to the town, remind­ing you of its cen­turies-long impor­tance as a mar­ket for the entire region. You’ll then be able to extend this change of scenery by train­ing in how to han­dle your house­boat, on which you’ll spend an unfor­get­table holiday.

A 100% nature-based cruise through the wetlands of Bresse

Wel­come to Bresse, a region where the weath­er is fine and the land­scapes enchant­i­ng. A great place to embrace the plea­sures char­ac­ter­is­tic of water­way tourism and, depart­ing from Louhans, delight your whole crew as you trav­el through the many locks that will punc­tu­ate your cruise. To this will be added the trea­sures of a well-pre­served nat­ur­al envi­ron­ment, with a mix of ponds, marshy areas and wet­lands. You’ll be greet­ed in the ear­ly morn­ing by the enig­mat­ic sight of the mist over the water. Try your hand at some impro­vised fish­ing as you moor your boat on the banks of the canal. Your whole crew will also be able to enjoy a spot of bird watch­ing at Truchère nature reserve. There’ll be many ideas for activ­i­ties to enrich your cruise between the Seine and Saône. And don’t for­got to taste two of the region’s oth­er delights dur­ing your week­end water­way cruise or week/t­wo-week-long sin­gle trip : Bresse chick­en and frogs’ legs.

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Set off from Louhans and navigate as your desires see fit, or follow our itinerary ideas:

Aller-retour 76km - 6 locks 12h Louhans > La Truchère > Louhans
Aller-retour 200km - 10 locks 22h Louhans > Chalon sur Saône > Verdun sur le Doubs > Louhans
Aller-retour 196km - 10 locks 21h Louhans > Mâcon > Tournus > Chalon sur Saône > Louhans
One week
Aller-retour 222km - 42 locks 35h Louhans > Chalon sur Saône > Santenay > Saint Léger sur Dheune > Louhans
Aller-retour 270km - 14 locks 28h Louhans > Saint Jean de Losne > Louhans
Aller-simple 172km - 9 locks 25h Louhans > Pontailler sur Saône
Aller-simple 213km - 33 locks 31h Louhans > Chagny > Pontailler sur Saône
Two weeks
Aller-retour 384km - 132 locks 69h Louhans > Digoin > Louhans