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Boat rental in the Ardennes

From Pont à Bar

We’ll train you to captain this licence-free boat, which will carry you through the nature of the Ardennes. Your waterway cruise will take in major historic sites and natural treasures to delight your whole crew. Plan your itinerary well and you’ll be able to enjoy all the pleasures of waterway tourism.

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The river Meuse and the canals : an original cruise from Pont A Bar

Head for Pont à Bar, a small town in Ardennes that grew up along with the devel­op­ment of the Canal des Ardennes. Your rental house­boat will give you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to nav­i­gate the waters of this canal, wind­ing through the leg­endary Ardennes for­est. The region’s water­ways, includ­ing the Canal de l’Est and riv­er Meuse, will allow you to put togeth­er your own cruise to enchant all mem­bers of your crew. Make sure you take in the Meuse’s mean­ders – all part of the mag­ic to be dis­cov­ered dur­ing your hol­i­day. And don’t miss Mon­ther­mé, where the con­flu­ence of the Meuse and the Semoy is a unique sight to behold.

Dur­ing your cruise, you’ll enjoy going through the locks and con­vers­ing with oth­er boaters or lock keep­ers. Your water­way cruise will thus not only pro­vide you with a com­plete change of scenery, but also the oppor­tu­ni­ty for some love­ly encounters.

Unveil the treasures of the Ardennes during your waterway cruise

Set off from Pont à Bar for a week­end, week, or even more. Choose a boat that meets your expec­ta­tions and, if you have the time, head for the world cap­i­tal of peace, Ver­dun. You can also stop off in Sedan, close to Pont à Bar, to admire the largest for­ti­fied cas­tle in Europe. Château Haut de Sedan is indeed well worth a vis­it, with the added bonus of an unob­struct­ed view of the whole town.

Head to Charleville Méz­ières and fol­low in the foot­steps of Arthur Rim­baud, who hailed from these parts, tak­ing a stroll around Place Ducale, a square designed to offer per­fect sym­me­try. Before you return to your house­boat, make sure you take the time to walk through Mont Olympe, one of the town’s green lungs.

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suggested itineraries Tested and approved

Set off from Pont à Bar and navigate as your desires see fit, or follow our itinerary ideas:

Aller-retour 70km - 16 locks 14h Pont à Bar > Charleville Mézières > Monthermé > Pont à Bar
Aller-retour 105km - 18 locks 14h Pont à Bar > Sedan > Mouzon > Stenay > Pont à Bar
Aller-retour 80km - 10 locks 10h Pont à Bar > La Cassine > Le Chesne > Pont à Bar
Aller-retour 95km - 24 locks 23h Pont à Bar > Monthermé > Revin > Fumay > Pont à Bar
Aller-retour 130km - 24 locks 20h Pont à Bar > Sedan > Stenay > Dun sur Meuse > Pont à Bar
Aller-retour 90km - 66 locks 23h Pont à Bar > Le Chesne > Attigny > Pont à Bar
One week
Aller-retour 190km - 40 locks 35h Pont à Bar > Monthermé > Fumay > Givet > Pont à Bar
Aller-retour 220km - 44 locks 35h Pont à Bar > Sedan > Stenay > Verdun > Pont à Bar
Aller-retour 164km - 82 locks 38h Pont à Bar > Le Chesne > Attigny > Asfeld > Pont à Bar
Two weeks
Aller-retour 290km - 60 locks 52h Pont à Bar > Fumay > Givet > Namur > Pont à Bar
Aller-retour 290km - 72 locks 54h Pont à Bar > Stenay > Verdun > Saint Mihiel > Pont à Bar
Aller-retour 280km - 142 locks 70h Pont à Bar > Berry au Bac > Reims > Epernay > Pont à Bar
Three weeks (loop circuit)
Aller-retour 500km - 203 locks 100h Pont à Bar > Attigny > Berry au Bac > Reims > Chalons en Champagne > Vitry le François > Bar le Duc > Commercy > Verdun > Sedan > Pont à Bar