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Licence-free boats in Sweden

From Sjötorp

The Northern Lights and the treasures of the biggest Swedish cities, such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, are not the only attractions that Scandinavia has to offer. Be daring and try a waterway holiday for another way to discover the legendary and mysterious land of Sweden. Your whole crew are sure to have an unforgettable time!

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The shores of Sweden’s largest lake – your starting point for an unforgettable cruise

The small town of Sjö­torp is locat­ed on the shores of Lake Vän­ern. Here, we’ve set up our water­way base, from which you can embark on a water­way cruise in Swe­den. The Vän­ern is by far the largest of Sweden’s 100,000 plus lakes, with a sur­face area of over 5,600 km². Here, you’ll be able to enjoy the many beach­es and nau­ti­cal bases that have been devel­oped for swim­ming and water activ­i­ties of all kinds, before pick­ing up your houseboat.

At Sjö­torp, we’ll teach you how to steer your licence-free boat so you can nav­i­gate with con­fi­dence. Trav­el­ling through the locks will thus be a plea­sur­able expe­ri­ence for all mem­bers of your fam­i­ly. It’ll then be time to start your cruise, set­ting off on the waters of the Göta Kanal.

The Göta Kanal : a river cruise on one of the wonders of Sweden

Dubbed “the blue rib­bon of Swe­den” and con­sid­ered one of the great­est won­ders of the coun­try, the Göta Kanal con­nects Lake Vän­ern to Söderköping, locat­ed on the east coast of the coun­try. There are a host of ideas for a water­way cruise adapt­ed to everybody’s pref­er­ences, whether for a one-way or return trip. Let your­self be enthralled by the series of 7 locks in Berg, allow­ing you to cov­er a height dif­fer­ence of 18 metres between the canal and Lake Rox­en. You can even vis­it the canal muse­um in Sjö­torp before your depar­ture to dis­cov­er a per­ma­nent exhi­bi­tion on this ear­ly nine­teenth cen­tu­ry building.

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Set off from Sjötorp and navigate as your desires see fit, or follow our itinerary ideas:

One week
Aller-retour 130km - 27 locks 38h Sjötorp > Karlsborg > Sjötorp
Aller-simple 159km - 53 locks 32h Sjötorp > Söderköping
Two weeks
Aller-retour 130km - 36 locks 24h Sjötorp > Berg > Sjötorp
Aller-simple 159km - 53 locks 32h Sjötorp > Söderköping