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Carcassonne, an enchanting destination and the starting point for an unforgettable cruise

This pré­fec­ture of the Aude départe­ment is famous world­wide, as attest­ed to by its dou­ble UNESCO world her­itage clas­si­fi­ca­tion since 1997. Tourists flock to admire the for­ti­fied medieval city, which is still inhab­it­ed. Unique in Europe, both in terms of its size and excep­tion­al state of preser­va­tion (as well as the exem­plary restora­tion under­tak­en in the 19th cen­tu­ry by Vio­l­let-le-Duc), Car­cas­sonne is full of trea­sures to dis­cov­er. From the cas­tle to the basil­i­ca, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to amaz­ing sights to take in while you count down to board­ing time for your licence-free rental boat.

Let yourself be blown away by a waterway cruise on the Canal du Midi !

Car­cas­sonne is indeed the cho­sen loca­tion to receive you at our water­way base. Dur­ing your water­way cruise, you’ll take in anoth­er won­der of human endeav­our, as con­firmed by UNESCO : the Canal du Midi. With its 61 locks, includ­ing the must-see round locks, and count­less works of art, the Canal du Midi will allow you to take full advan­tage of all the attrac­tions and advan­tages of a water­way cruise. So, embark on a jour­ney through Cathar coun­try or enjoy the sooth­ing rhythm of your house­boat as you trav­el through the region’s vine­yards. You can also trans­form your water­way cruise into a gas­tro­nom­ic jour­ney (Castel­naudary cas­soulet, Min­er­vois and Cor­bières wines, etc.).

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suggested itineraries Tested and approved

Set off from Carcassonne and navigate as your desires see fit, or follow our itinerary ideas:

Aller-retour 48km - 10 locks 9h Carcassonne > Bram > Carcassonne
Aller-simple 40km - 13 locks 8h Carcassonne > Homps
Aller-retour 80km - 26 locks 16h Carcassonne > Homps > Carcassonne
Aller-simple 95km - 18 locks 17h Carcassonne > Colombiers
One week
Aller-retour 166km - 36 locks 30h Carcassonne > Capestang > Carcassonne
Aller-retour 116km - 70 locks 40h Carcassonne > seuil de Naurouze (line of the watershed between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean) > Port Lauragais > Carcassonne
Aller-simple 126km - 36 locks 25h Carcassonne > Agde
Aller-simple 143km - 28 locks 25h Carcassonne > Bram > Carcassonne > Colombiers
Two weeks
Aller-retour 160km - 66 locks 30h Carcassonne > Montgiscard > Carcassonne
Aller-retour 116km - 70 locks 58h Carcassonne > Castelnaudary > Port Lauragais > Carcassonne
Aller-retour 252km - 72 locks 50h Carcassonne > Agde > Carcassonne
Three weeks
Aller-simple 400km - 76 locks 70h Carcassonne > Aigues Mortes > Carcassonne